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People often find the history of acupuncture and theory of meridians and “qi” interesting, but most people considering it for treatment of health problems also want a less abstract explanation of how it works.
Acupuncture causes what is called a “hormetic response”, which basically means it creates a small amount of stress on the body to stimulate a beneficial response. This is similar to exercise. And like exercise, or physical therapy, it should not be applied arbitrarily. Someone who is out of shape needs to work up to running a marathon. An injury needs to be rehabilitated at the appropriate pace by a specialist who can adjust the process as needed. Many beneficial responses to acupuncture are easily measured and have been documented by research, including lowering inflammation, promoting blood flow, and stimulating better nerve function. But for success with treating a specific problem, the treatment must be applied by an experienced practitioner who understands how to adjust the treatment according to each individual’s response.
This makes the results of studies on acupuncture's effects on particular health problems, although typically positive for pain, mood, and digestive problems, of questionable value. You can’t evaluate and adjust the treatment with a randomized controlled trial, only apply the same arbitrary treatment to everyone as if testing a drug. No one would be so crazy as to do a randomized controlled trial of physical therapy applying the same arbitrary exercises to a large group of back pain suffers, without any evaluation or adjustment based on each individual's response.

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